The Client’s vision for this rental investment was not only to rent the space to guests, but also sell the Okanagan experience.  We started looking at different experiences the Okanagan offers and integrating it into into the materiality.  The re-purposed tongue and groove wood slats and mantle were chosen to represent the boardwalk and trestles.  The soft drapery represents the sails in Kelowna.  New feature lighting and art were used to emulate the Okanagan culture.  Let’s not forget the final piece that really speaks the Okanagan – the photographs of specific areas taken by Lipsett Photography Group.  All in all this original builder’s beige condo was taken to the next level.


Completion Date: June 2020

Project: Residential

Size: 1335 SF

Location: Kelowna, BC

Construction: TKI Construction Ltd.

Photography: Lipestt Photography Group